slab heave & subsidence monitoring
There’s no better way to understand exactly where, when and how much a home is moving!

with Data

Make faster, more informed decisions with DAILY level & rainfall data.

Improved Experience

Reduce homeowner concern & confusion with active monitoring and open information.

Time & Costs

Save time & money with faster, smarter decisions that minimise costly damage via early intervention.


Homes & lives are being ruined by slab heave & subsidence!

Structural Damage

Shrink-swell soils, like clay, expand when wet and shrink when dry. This can affect home foundations leading to significant structural damage & costly repairs.

Heave is when the soil swells & lifts the foundations.
Subsidence is when they drop due to soil shrinkage, settlement or erosion.

Manual Monitoring

Monitoring floor level changes over time plays a significant role in addressing slab heave & subsidence.

Currently the industry standard approach to monitoring involves at best, bi-annual manual floor level or brick course surveys using Nivcomp or ZipPro altimeters (as pictured) or in some cases, surveyor grade digital levels.


Site Visits

Traditional monitoring requires repeated site visits by expensive, time poor engineers to take manual measurements

Limited Data

Floor level measurements taken every 6-12 months, provide very limited data, no context and result in calculated guesswork

Poor Experience

Homeowners get frustrated by dismissive investigations and limited visible action. Poor experiences lead to reputational risk!

Damage & Costs

Long waits between inspections can result in problems getting worse, extended timelines & cost blowouts


SLABsense - AI powered Smart Sensors


Fully automated level measurements taken by discrete & low impact smart sensors while homeowners sleep

INFLUX of Data

DAILY level & rainfall data delivers unprecedented detail & context, enabling faster, more informed decisions

IMPROVED Experience

Homeowners appreciate the 'action' of daily monitoring, faster fixes & visible confirmation of repair, reducing concern, confusion & conflict

Less Damage, Lower Costs

Faster response to movement and validation of repairs leads to reduced damage, cost and risk of legal claims


The SLABsense Level Monitoring System utilises a number of sensors mounted on the floor, walls or ceilings of a property to detect their position relative to fixed 360-degree laser line datum points.

As an outer wall moves up or down and the fixed laser line position remains steady, the sensors utilise Computer Vision & AI to detect and report the beam position each night. Lasers and sensors automatically wake in unison once per night for <20 seconds to take their whole house measurements. The system is able to detect very fine movements at a resolution of <0.1mm and provides a visual record of detection for formal validation.  

Daily rainfall data for the property's suburb is scraped from the BOM and charted against the collected movement data delivering unprecedented levels of granularity and context. (Rainfall sensors are available if required).

The approach allows simple yet effective measurement of multiple non-line of sight locations across a home, with reference back to a single primary datum point.


Founder & CEO


Prior to starting SLABsense, Rob spent 14 years leading & designing a range of IT services & service improvement activities for the CSIRO.

He is certified in Management, Business Design, Innovation, Human-Centred Service Design and Design Thinking.



Kylie is a Director at Davidsons, a leading accounting and business advisory firm in Geelong.

Working in public practice since 1999, she is a CPA, Associate of the Taxation Institute of Australia and holds a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in accounting and financial planning.

Dev - Hardware


Andrew is our full stack developer with experience in ESP-IDF and is responsible for re-coding our new version 2 device firmware from the ground up.

Dev -CLOUD Platform


Gui is a software engineer with more than 10 years working in the technology field, including previously working for our current cloud platform provider

PRODUCT & Logistics


Renae builds and ships all our devices. She has experience as a top performer and assistant team lead at one of Geelong's largest distribution centres.


JASON MCLOUD - Director at Drillology

With over 50'000 sites tested and 33 years experience Jason has gained a deep knowledge and database of Melbourne and surrounds' geology and soil profiles.

He is a member & presenter at HEDRA and the Foundation and Footing Society of Victoria (FFSV).


ALEX SITARAS - Director at Genesis Consulting Engineers

Having previously established and managed Intrax Engineering's National Forensic Engineering Team, Alex is now in private practice.

He is a Chartered Professional Engineer (Civil, Structural, Leadership & Management), Expert Reporting & Witness for Insurance Claims & Forensic Engineering Investigations


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